Extension libraries are available

Extension component libraries for Hopsan 0.7.x and 0.8.x (snapshots) are now available at http://flumes.iei.liu.se/hopsan/files/extensionLibrary/
Added by Peter Nordin over 1 year ago

To make it possible to release new experimental components without requiring a new Hopsan version, extension libraries have been made available.
If you have the Hopsan version with a compiler included, you can automatically build these libraries on import, regardless of your Hopsan version

You can find the libraries here: http://flumes.iei.liu.se/hopsan/files/extensionLibrary/
  1. Download the latest version .zip file and unpack it
  2. In Hopsan choose +Load external library in the Component library widget
  3. Select the directory that you unpacked

Note: extensionLibrary08 requires Hopsan 0.8.x (snasphots) while the one simply named extensionLibrary will work on both 0.7.x and 0.8.x versions of Hopsan.


Added by Melissa Melissa about 1 month ago

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